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Welcome to my web page.  It is so exciting to share my story and pictures with you.
   Click on About Me and read about how I became a therapy dog.  My few moments of “fame” include being featured in a story by Linda Goldston in the San Jose Mercury News Dec. 2008.  I also appeared on Darlene Carman’s “The Painting Gourmet” television show with 7 of my fellow Kaiser Therapy Dogs in Feb. 2009.  
   If you click on My Essay link, you can see my award winning essay which tells you why I’m proud to volunteer at Kaiser Hospital.  I won $100.00 prize for my essay which I donated to J.W. Knapen for the JW House project.   (Be sure to check the link to this wonderful project).  I also entered the Crested Butte Double-Dog Dare Essay Contest and won a 3-day ski trip to Crested Butte.  Unfortunately, I had to stay home , as my “parents” flew to Colorado.  They’re very proud of me and they had a wonderful time in Crested Butte.
    My Pictures shows me growing up and some of my recent travels.  In the winter I go snowshoeing with my family (they wear the snowshoes!) and in summer I love to hike and splash in Lake Tahoe.
    My Movie shows how I like to run, play and have fun.  Click the forward arrow on the bottom to start it.
    The link,, About Pet Therapy, explains a little about how a dog can become a Therapy Animal and different types of Pet Therapy programs.  You can click here for some websites listing Pet Therapy Programs.
I ‘d love to hear from you by email.  My address is: DanteTheTherapyDog@gmail.com

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Dogs are not our whole life,

but they make our lives whole

--Roger Caras