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     I have always loved being around people.  As a puppy I wanted to go up to people and lick them and let them pet me.  I learned to walk on a leash when I was two months old.  I also learned to stay in my front yard and not run into the street (even if I saw a squirrel!).  I am a very good listener and learn things quickly.  I graduated from obedience class at four months old.  I even know which way left and right are. Even when I want to, I don’t chase cats.
    When I was five months old, I got to go with Susie to the high school when she helped in the library.  There were lots of kids there and they all loved playing with me.  The librarian said that at lunchtime the students were much quieter and more respectful when I was there.  So I guess that was the beginning of my career.
     When I was around one year old I got to be a Furry Friend.  I went to nursing homes and senior centers with a team of other dogs.  The people always smiled and loved petting us and watching us play.  
    When I turned three years old, the Kaiser Pet Therapy program was established and I became their first Therapy Dog. It was very exciting going into the big hospital and meeting lots of people.  I visit patients in the Intensive Care Unit, Labor and Delivery, Medical-Surgical units, and Pediatrics.  I also get to help people relax in the Pre-Op unit before they have surgery and the Infusion Center (chemotherapy).  Sometimes I do tricks and people smile and clap.  I am a good distraction for people when they’re in waiting rooms or worried.  I bring a little bit of home into the hospital.
    People other than patients love seeing me in the hospital, too.  The doctors and nurses like to see me and give me a pet.  Visitors also love meeting me.  They say I make the hospital a little less scary.  And I’m something warm and soft to pet.  Children get excited when they see me;  they love getting one of my business cards to take home. (You can see my cards on My Pictures link)
    I’ve now been working in hospitals for 8 years.  And it’s become a part of my regular routine.  I love knowing that I make a difference in so many people’s lives.  If you’d like to know more, click on About Pet Therapy.Picture_Page/Pages/Dantes_business_cards.htmlAbout_Pet_Therapy.htmlshapeimage_12_link_0shapeimage_12_link_1

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